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The product falls into the category cationic Dialkyl Diallylamine Quaternary Ammonium Salt Polyelectrolyte and can be totally dissolved in water in the form of molecular solution. Having strong cationic carriers and active adsorption carriers, the product can destabilize and flocculate suspension and soluble substances with negative charges by charge neutrality. It is effective over the PH range of 0.5~14. No toxicity, no flavor, and no odor. It is widely applied in such fields as water purification, demulsification, double-cell retention in papermaking, and elimination of anionic impurities in papermaking serosity by controlling the total charge quantity of the aqueous solution.

Technical Indexes:

Trademark Appearance Solid contents(%) Viscosity(cps) pH value Shelf life
HCA series

Colorless or light yellow sticky liquid

19-21 200-500 4.0-7.0 2 years
19-21 500-1000 4.0-7.0 2 years
39-41 1000-3000 5.0-7.0 2 years
39-41 3000-6000 4.0-7.0 2 years
39-41 8000-13000 4.0-7.0 2 years
39-41 20000-80000 4.0-7.0 2 years
39-41 80000-120000 4.0-7.0 2 years
39-41 100000-200000 4.7-7.0 2 years


1. Solutions of Cationic Water-treatment Agent HCA are prepared by dissolving the liquid to a solution of 0.5~0.05% concentration.
2. Use of neutral and pure water is recommended.
3. Aqueous solutions should be prepared when needed. The shelf life should not exceed two days.
4. Agitate slowly at 80~100rpm when dissolve solutions.
5. Warm water will facilitate dissolution.
6. Keep the stability of the system during operation so as to ensure the best performance.
7. Take care of the location and agitation speed, both ensuring the equal blend with other substances and avoiding breaking the flocs.
8. Add the agent in a continuous way.

Package and Storage:

1. 50Kg,1000Kg Plastic Barrels and so on.
2. Store and seal the product in shady place.
3. The shelf life is two years.

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