Application field

Product application field

Water treatment area

As flocculants, mainly used for urban sewage and industrial wastewater (such as food, paper making, mineral processing, textile, printing and dyeing, medicine, leather, chemical industry, steel, stone and slaughter waste water etc.) of flocculating sedimentation,precipitation clarifying and gas float and other solid liquid separation treatment.

As sludge dewatering agent, used for sludge concentration and dewatering.

Be used in drinking water such as tap water, flocculant settlement of sugar industry and clarification of separation treatment.

Paper making field

Use as retention aids, mainly use for pulp retention and filtration to improve the speed of water filtration and retention of paper fibers and fillers.

Be used as paper dry and wet strength to improve the wet strength of paper.

Be used as anionic waste catcher to neutralize the anionic waste in paper white water.

Be used as long fiber dispersant to disperse the long fiber of tissue paper.

Be used as sizing synergist for dispersing AKD and rosin emulsion.

Mineral processing field

Used for the separation of coal mud, the filtration of fine coal, the purification treatment of coal ash water.

Used for the selection, flotation and enrichment of various mineral extraction processes.


It can be used as drag reducer and acid thickener in oilfield,also for EOR function auxiliaries.

The construction field

Can be used as building glue thickener and concrete additive.

Other industrial AIDS

Can be used as binder in ceramic industry.

Can be used in the process of incense making process adhesive

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