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  • Diallyl dimethyl ammonium chloride
    DMDAAC is a water-soluble monomer of cationic quaternary ammonium salt with high efficiency. Molecular Weight: 161.5. There is alkenyl double bond in the molecular structure and can form linear homopolymer and all kinds of copolymers by various polymerization reaction. The features of FC DMDAAC are: very stable at normal temperature, not to hydrolyze and noninflammable, low pungency to skins and low toxicity.
  • Decolouring Flocculant
    Decoloring flocculant is a new product of my company with highly efficient decoloring function. It mainly Main ingredients is Dicyandiamide. It has the obvious ability of decolorization and the reduction of COD. Mainly applied to treatment with high turbidity water of dye factory , applicable to all kinds of dye wastewater, and also applies to textile, dyeing and printing wastewater treatment and so on.
  • Polyamide polyamine resins
    This product is a cationic, water-soluble, and heat convertible polyamide Polyamine Epichlorhydrin resin. It doesn't contain methanal. The result of the detection by the National Light Industry Institute of paper quality supervision and detection center Shanghai branch shows that our product has achieved the same quality as that of similar products in the world. Some indexes has excelled that of foreign similar products.
  • Polyamines Series
    Polyamine is a kind of high cationic charge and low molecular weight water-soluble polymers, mainly used in the treatment process for coagulation, especially fiber-rich proteins and small organic wastewater treatment.Besides,it also widely used as anionic trash capture in paper-making.The quality of the cationic charge is more than other product of currently use,therefore, increasingly to demonstrate its superiority, has been widely used abroad.
  • PDADMAC series
    The product falls into the category cationic Dialkyl Diallylamine Quaternary Ammonium Salt Polyelectrolyte and can be totally dissolved in water in the form of molecular solution. Having strong cationic carriers and active adsorption carriers, the product can destabilize and flocculate suspension and soluble substances with negative charges by charge neutrality. It is effective over the PH range of 0.5~14. No toxicity, no flavor, and no odor. It is widely applied in such fields as water purification, demulsification, double-cell retention in papermaking, and elimination of anionic impurities in papermaking serosity by controlling the total charge quantity of the aqueous solution.
  • Pulp dispersant
    Pulp dispersant is a kind of chemical synthesis organic polymer. It is soluble in water and form a high viscosity liquid. Adding low volume can promote results of the paper prototyping and fiber dispersion. It is mainly used in the high-end toilet paper, paper napkin, tissue paper, such as family life and other high-grade tissue paper.

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