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Polyamine is a kind of high cationic charge and low molecular weight water-soluble polymers, mainly used in the treatment process for coagulation, especially fiber-rich proteins and small organic wastewater treatment.Besides,it also widely used as anionic trash capture in paper-making.The quality of the cationic charge is more than other product of currently use,therefore, increasingly to demonstrate its superiority, has been widely used abroad.

Technical indicators:

Trademark Appearance Solid contents(%) viscosity(cps) pH vale Shelf life
HCD Series Colorless or light yellow sticky liquid 48-52


4.0-7.0 2years


4.0-7.0 2years


5.0-9.0 2years


4.0-7.0 2years


4.0-7.0 2years


4.0-7.0 2years


4.0-7.0 2years

The use of methods:

1. The product can dissolve in water in any concentration, it is recommended to use this product when diluted with water 10 times, and then join the system.
2. The product should avoid all kinds of pollution, including tanks, pumps, piping systems and so on
3. The product application and join point depends on the following factors: the type of sewage, piping layout, to add other additives, PH and other operating conditions. For water purification, the accession of 5 ~ 50PPM.
4. The product should be kept in operation to maintain system stability, so that it operated under the best conditions.

The packaging:

1. 50Kg,200kg and 1000kg Plastic Barrels.
2. Store and seal the product in shady place.
3. The shelf life is two years.

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