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Nonionic PAM emulsion


Nonionic emulsion polymer of our company is nonionic polyacrylamide emulsion that is used as a flocculants in a wide variety of industrial waste water, municipal sewage, paper mill and minering wastewater treatment and so on.


Physical Form Milky, white liquid
Solid content(w/w) 30-35%
Molecule weight(104) 200-1200
Charge degrees(W/W) 0-10%
Pour Point 32 oF (0 oC)
Flash Point >200 oF (>94 oC)


The emulsions polymer produced by our company has been successfully applied in liquid/solids separation systems, such as clarification, thickening, flotation and dewatering. The polymer is especially useful for the thickening and dewatering of sledges.
Usage guidelines:
(1) We should shake as far as possible before using this product;
(2) The suggested dissolved concentration is 3-5 ‰ and the dissolved time is about 25 minutes;
(3) when conveying, avoiding use of the centrifugal pump, and we had better use low shear pumps like the screw pump, diaphragm pumps etc;
(4) we should dissolve the product in plastic, ceramic, and stainless steel tank, and the stirring speed should not be too big, no heating;
(5) Dilute solution prepared should not to be suitable for a long time placing , best along with uses along with to dissolve;

Storage and handling

(1) Suggested in-plant storage life is six months in unopened containers;
(2) Totes, drums and pails should be mixed very well before first use and every few days thereafter;
(3) Bulk tanks are best mixed using a multi-blade agitator that reaches to within two feet of the bottom of the tank;
(4) Mixing bulk tanks by recirculation is also feasible in some circumstances;
(5) For best results, store between 50-80 oF (10-27 oC) and do not allow this product to freeze since there may be some loss of performance;
(6) Should freezing occur, allow the product to thaw thoroughly in a heated area, mix very well and filter through a 100 mesh screen before attempting to use.
(7) Rubber gloves, goggles and protective clothing are recommended for use while handling.
(8) keep the handling field clean,preventing slippery

Technical service and maintenance

Shanghai water treatment materials Co., LTD can provide comprehensive technical service in product selection, laboratory test, plant test etc. 


25 kg plastic tote, 1000KG plastic case, mixing fully before using .This product is not the dangerous goods.

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