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Paper Dry-strength agent(anionic)


Paper Dry-strength Agent is a kind of anionic multifunctional paper dry-strength agent, using aluminum sulfate as its retention agent. It can increase such indexes of the paper as tensile strength, bursting strength, and folding endurance and bring down the cost by a wide margin. Meanwhile, it has some synergistic effect of retention and filter-aid. Therefore, it is an excellent dry-strength agent applicable in the production of paper for packing and cultural uses.

Main technical Indexes

Items Specifications
Appearance Colorless transparent sticky liquid
Solid content(%) 15±0.5
PH Value 6-8
Water-solubility Easily dissolved in cold water
Iconicity Anion
Specific Gravity (25oC) 1.01-1.05mg/ml


1.Dissolve the liquid with 20times of water to a solution of 0.5% concentration. Then add the solution into the pulp-making pool.
2.Adding sequence: rosin size - aluminum sulfate - dry-strength agent.
3.Dosage: the proportion of this product to dried pulp is 2-5%.
4.When high dry-strength property is needed, use Dry-strength Agent in conjunction with Resin Cation wet-strength Agent to form dual-polymer system, a better result will be achieved.  But it should be added in several stages.
5.Operations in plastic, enamel, glass or stainless steel tank is recommended.


200kg packaging barrels, 1000kg packaging barrels. This product is not the dangerous goods.

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