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Anionic impurities capture agent-20


This product is a high charge degree, low-molecular-weight, water-soluble polymers, which are generally used for the initial(first) flocculation and anionic impurity capture agent in the papermaking production.The products, also   used for paper pulp industry, paper and cardboard making, can adjust the charge in the paper machine wet chemistry system and can be used in paper PAM Retention and Drainage System, combined with the polymer.

Technical indicators

Item Indicators Test method
The appearance colorless or slightly yellow viscous liquid Eye observation
Solid Content 20±1% weight method
PH value 2.5 ~ 5 PH measurement
Shelf life 90days  
Viscosity 600-900cps Brookfield viscometer


1.The product can dissolve in water in any concentration, recommending to diluted this product with water 10 times, and then add into the system.
2.The product should avoid all kinds of pollution, including tanks, pumps, piping systems, etc.
3.The application effect of products and adding point depend on the following factors: the type of machine, piping layout, to add other additives, PH and other operating conditions. Applies to systems in the dual retention system should be controlled at a flow in the 0.5 ~ 2L / ton of paper. For water purification, the dosage is about 5 ~ 50PPM.
4.We should maintain system stability in operation, so that it operated under the best conditions


200kg packaging barrels, 1000kg packaging barrels. This product is not the dangerous goods.

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