About us

About us

Shanghai Hengli Water Treatment Materials Co., Ltd(vice chairman units of shanghai waterreclamation trade association)is foundedin 2001,invested by Beijing Heng Chemical Group (China chemical industry 500) and Shanghai Heng Yi Chemical Co., Ltd. (China water supply and drainage polyacrylamide "Five Strong Enterprises").With the big advantage of the two companies, it is a modern high-tech enterprise which mainly engages in research, development, production, sales and application services of water-soluble polymers and water-dispersible polymer (polyacrylamide flocculants and its derivative) and it is the currently one of the  largest manufacturer of polyacrylamide in China. 

Our company has maintained close technical cooperation with the East China university of science and technology, and in which R & D centers set up. Our company has strong technical force, and senior technical staff account for 35% of the total number of staff..The company pays great attention to continuously upgrading and improving of quality and the performance of the present products, and the development and exploration of the new technology research. We always attach importance to scientific and standardized management, all management followed the ISO9001 quality management system. Cationic polyacrylamide is our preponderant products with an annual production capacity of polyacrylamide powder 15000 tons, 6000 tons emulsion, liquid products 20000 tons. In addition, we also produce polyquaternium salt polyamines, decolouring flocculants, paper-making retention, dry-strength agents, wet-strength agent, long fiber dispersing agent, anionic impurity capture agent, textile sizing additives, printing and dyeing fixing agents etc.

We, based in China, taking a broad view at the whole world, pioneering innovation, forge ahead, determine to infuse fresh and eternal vigor to China's and the word's water treatment industry.

  Company philosophy:People-oriented;Be honest with others;Scientific management;Keep improving.

  The company goal:Pursue the infinite possibility of chemistry, produce better products;To provide better service and become a viable enterprise.

  The company mission:Purifying water quality and protecting the environment;Improve industrial efficiency and focus on cleaner production;Promote human harmony, nature and beauty.

  The company spirit:Adhering to customer first, quality excellence, continuous innovation, sustainable development.

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